Knights News · Boys & Girls Cross Country Begin with Strong Opener at East Butler Invitational

East Butler Timber Point Rec Area, August 30th

High School Results

   Name                                  Time       Place

  • Max Nosal          FB           20.35     9
  • Nathan Fuchs     FB           22.58     26
  • Brenton Pitt        FB           23.09     28
  • Sam Sleister        FB           23.51     38
  • Jobe Sullivan       FB           24.17     43
  • Titan Vance         FB           25.07     54
  • Keegan Sullivan  FB           33.15     89
  • Adam Weise       FB           36.26     91
  • Jadin Ostrand     FB           28.13     14
  • Emma Larson     FB           28.14     15
  • Lauren Carlson  FB           39.33     37

Middle School Results

  • Brayden Fuchs   FB           10.41     4
  • Mia Cortes          FB           11.34     16
  • Will Bendig         FB           11.45     21
  • Joe Archer           FB           11.48     24
  • Damian Flores    FB           12.12     28
  • Sophie O’Neil     FB           13.38     47
  • Caden Demuth   FB           13.41     48
  • Kylie Sullivan      FB           13.59     51

Girls Team: n/a

Boys Team: 4th

Coach Wyatt’s Comment:

Well, we got our first meet under our belts. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We haven’t been having the most impressive practices but the kids showed up today and did a nice job.

Girls’ Varsity returners, Jadin and Emma went out and got our day started. They were 14 and 15 with about a quarter of the race to go. Nice to have both of them start the year off with a medal.

For the boys, Max finished 9th and was able to move up a couple of spots to finish. He adjusted to the longer course just fine. I’m really impressed with Nathan Fuchs and Brenton Pitt. Thos two ran well today and helped out our team.

The middle school team got to see what a race is all about and competed well. Brayden Fuchs finished 4th in the boys’ division and Mia Cortes finished 3rd in the girls’ division.