Choir Program Details

Elementary Choir

Every Bergan Elementary student has music as part of their weekly curriculum. Kindergarteners come to music twice a week, First and Second graders come three times a week, third and fourth graders come twice a week to vocal music and twice a week to instrumental music, fifth and sixth graders come to vocal music twice a week and have the opportunity to be in band as well. In the music classroom we focus on creating well-rounded musicians who have the basic tools to carry on in music after the elementary school should they choose to do so. Vocal music focuses on the general musicianship of each student while the goal of instrumental music is to give each student an introduction to several different instruments. All students at the elementary level will perform on three concerts every year.

Middle/High School Choir

7-12 Grade Bergan Singers is a chance for students to be introduced to singing as part of an ensemble.  Instruction is based on preparing music for the four concerts these students sing on each year. Students have opportunities to sing solos, audition for honor choirs, and to participate in leading Mass music. Singing in choir is a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves through music and to learn to work as a group.

In Bergan Singers the students will sing in three or four parts, have multiple solo opportunities, and learn to function as a choral ensemble. Students have the chance to sing the National Anthem at school sporting events, sing in a solo or small group for District Music Contest, attend several honor choirs, and sing on four concerts a year. Every two to three years the High School Choir and Band take a trip to perform outside of Nebraska with the next trip being tentatively scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year. Sign up today!