Strength & Conditioning Program

Program Mission

To provide the student athletes of Archbishop Bergan the tools, instruction, and motivation to train consistently, and sensibly in a clean, safe and professional environment that yields maximum athletic potential and builds healthy lifelong behaviors.

Program Philosophy

The Bergan Knight S&C Program is an ongoing process of developing individuals and teams athletic ability, and character in order to help them perform at their highest level in their sport. We develop athletes through sound programming and use of scientific principles.

Summer Program Goals

  • ZERO Weight Room related injuries

  • Safe Environment- Rule # 1 is do no Harm

  • Reduce the number of in sport injuries occurred throughout the year.

  • Build Student/Athletes level of character and responsibility

  • Increase Team Strength average 20%

  • Increase Team Power Quotient by 15%

  • Increase Attendance average by 10 visits


Head Strength Coach:  Seth Mruz